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    We are an independent athletic brand working to create a presence in the fitness industry. A presence with substance, a presence that doesn’t sacrifice beliefs or morals, a presence that can actually educate and empower you to take charge of your physical and mental well being.


    At Lift to Conquer, we believe it’s not a coincidence that the word “strength” can refer to fortitude in the mind and body. Our brand’s motto is a simple one: Lift weights, lift spirits, lift life  - a nod to the idea that mental wellness and physical fitness go hand-in-hand.


    So why should you wear Lift to Conquer gear? That’s easy:


    Because Community Matters

    While fitness is a very personal journey and goal, it’s also one that thrives on collective community - runners keep each other motivated in a pack, weight-lifters spot one another and give encouragement, aerobic classes keep everyone in step. Wearing Lift to Conquer tees and athletic wear is a stylish way to signal your favorite activities to the world, and maybe even make some new connections.

    Because Mental Health Matters

    There are so many ways that a healthy, focused mind mirrors an active, athletic body - that’s not a coincidence, either. While it’s been scientifically proven that working out helps your thoughts stay balanced and clear, that physical effort also gives you a healthy outlet for doubt, frustration, and fear. The reality is that depression and anxiety can happen to anyone, and there’s absolutely nothing shameful about them: what’s important is addressing those issues and getting the mental, emotional, and yes - even physical! - support you need to heal.


    Because You Matter

    Lift to Conquer was founded because the lifting community made a deep and lasting impact on our founder’s life. When he struggled with anxiety and depression and felt like racking his weights for good, it was fellow lifters that kept him motivated and engaged in what became, in time, a happier, healthier life. With regular lifting sessions, professional therapy, and a holistic approach to physical and mental health, he’s now living his best life and can’t wait to help others do the same.