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    AM Coaching & Programming

    Which Is Your Preferred Deadlift Style?

    Where do you typically fail in the squat?

    Where do you typically fail in the Bench?

    Where do you typically fail in the Deadlift?

    Which hand is dominant?

    Which Leg Would You Kick A Ball With?

    Do you have access to a safety squat bar, trap bar and/or other specialty bars?

    History & Injuries
    Do you consider yourself naturally quick, or naturally strong?

    Are you explosive, or more towards endurance?

    Growing up, did you consider yourself fat, skinny or neither?*

    How motivated are you to reach your goals?*
    I don't care, I just like wasting money
    Sleep, breathe, and bleed iron
    How many hours of sleep do you get on average a night?*
    Which days of the weeks are ideal to train on according to your work/school/life schedule if you have a preference*
    Row 1
    Do you take any supplements?

    What is do you consider good coaching?

    Would you be okay if I feature one of your PRs or lifts on my IG or my YouTube channel?*

    How did you first hear about/find me?