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    I appreciate you choosing me as your coach. There are a few things that you should know about me first. I have my bachelor's of science in kinesiology with an emphasis in fitness specialist. I am currently in grad school getting my Doctorate in Physical therapy and have over 12 years of Physical therapy out-patient experience and 13 years lifting and competing experience myself. I've started off at 100 lbs body weight so my specialty tends to be is weight gain, powerlifting (especially squats), and rehabilitation (personally had a herniated disc at L5-S1 from a car accident and L4-L5 from deadlifting). I'm not afraid to acknowledge there are coaches that are stronger and more knowledgeable than me, but I continue to learn and get stronger as much as I can and care about your progress as much as my own. Obtaining my doctorate in physical therapy means that I'll be able to apply our extensive education on movement to detect things not all coaches can see and also help rehab any injuries you currently have (also prevent future injuries).

    Please use Paypal your monthly fee to The first payment date will be your monthly due date if you continue to hire me as your coach. My services include, 24 hour contact, custom strength programming , technique breakdown, video analysis via Coaches Eye (this is where I explain all my reasoning for programmed lift variations and program explanations and why it's actually tailored to what your lifts are telling me), and rehab/prehab services if you're broken haha. Just to let you know, I do not do cookie cutter programs, each program takes me a couple of days to make because I need to go through so of your lifting videos and assess your strengths, weaknesses, other stresses in life, technique and base it off of what you need strength wise. Expect your program no later than 7 days after you send the payment to me. Also, if you're injured, we will address the issue while getting stronger so you might have to do work outside the gym.

    I'll make a spreadsheet that has detailed instructions and your feedback is updated every other day with daily check ins on my part as well if needed. Communication is one of the top things I pride myself on. Usually we communicate through texts( Instagram Direct Messages most often, text on my personal cell for more urgent matters/decisions, Instagram FaceTime, Instagram posts, and spreadsheet notes on your program) At the very least, I need to see your top sets of the main movements. Of course the more videos the better.

    You can make a new Instagram if you don't want to post on your personal one, up to you. I personally like having all my clients’ posts on Instagram because it saves me time when I have to look at clients videos and will also have a nice documentation/comparison of how training is going. I need to be able to see the quality of the movements and be able to give recommendations and fixes accordingly. The best angle is front view and front/side view, but all angels are best. I currently hired the services of a biomechanist with a PhD in Human Movement. She is also a former powerlifter and will help me assess your lifts as well. I like using her video analysis services along with my own video analysis to ensure that I am not missing any possible strategies that can benefit your lifts and it will help reduce chances of my own personal biases. Now I need to know some things about you.

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    Alvs Mondares

    Alvs Mondares is currently obtaining his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of San Diego. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of physical therapy and as a powerlifting coach.

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